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Review of Education Governance in Saskatchewan

On December 21, the Ministry of Education released the Educational Governance Review Report:  Kindergarten to Grade 12 by Mr. Dan Perrins.  Our Director of Education, Mr. Dave Hutchinson has released the following memo to all members of the Living Sky School Division communities:  Update on Provincial Education Governance Review.  In his review, Mr. Perrins has outlined three recommended options for the structure of school boards/divisions in Saskatchewan, which will be considered by the Provincial Government:

  1. One provincial school board;
  2. 4 regional provincial school boards; and
  3. A division model based on 8-12 provincial school divisions (down from the current 28)*

    This last option has two sub-options indicated:
    - 3A would see the reduction of school divisions to between 8-14 divisions; or
    - 3B would see division boundary realignment "where realignment will support local community needs and interests".

The Ministry of Education has also provided an online form for submitting feedback (at the bottom of the webpage), or the option to respond by email at  It is strongly recommended that everyone take some time to review this document, and to provide our government with feedback on the future direction of education in our province. 

Winter Weather

Now that a true prairie winter is upon us, we would like to remind all students, both in town and our rural bus students, that dressing for the weather is important.  We will be going outside at recesses and during the noon hour, unless the temperature and/or windchill drops below -25oC.  Students should always plan to be outside, and we would also like to remind the bus students to dress for the weather even though they are in a vehicle, just in case the bus gets stuck or is delayed on the highway for any length of time.  We would like to thank everyone for the cooperation as we all try to stay warm over the winter months.  We would also ask that students keep their toques, mitts, scarves, etc. in their book bags while at school, and to make sure that they are taking their boots off at the doors when they come inside.  We greatly appreciate this cooperation as well.

School Website

In the coming months, our school website will be moving to a new format.  You will still be able to access all the same information, however, it will be organized in a slightly different manner.  The shift in format is being done Division-wide, as our Technology Department assists schools and teachers with a website system that is easier to use, update and maintain than the current one.

School information will be organized into categories that are relevant to our various stakeholder groups:  students, parents, community, and will hopefully make finding information about the school, its programs, and events much easier.

Wildcat Sports

Our intramural volleyball season will be wrapping up this week, with final play-off games taking place at noon in the gym.  We will be moving into our basketball season, and would like to encourage all of our students to get involved with the intramural program, particularly on these cold winter days.  Students are reminded to listen to announcements each morning for the scheduled games, and to check the hallway bulletin boards for more detailed information. 

Report Cards and Student-led Conferences

Term 1 Student-Led Conferences were a huge success.  We were able to meet with 96% of our families on that evening, and we would like to extend a HUGE thank you to everyone for making the time to celebrate student learning so far this year!  We would also like to extend a sincere thank-you to those families that made alternate arrangements prior to the conferences - this also makes a big difference.  Knowing that our students have this kind of strong parental support makes everyone's life at school that much easier, as everyone works for the best interest of every child that attends Norman Carter.  We are looking forward to an awesome second term. 


Living Sky School Division uses a student information system called SchoolLogic to keep track of student demographic information.  As a part of that, parents can access the HomeLogic system, a parent portal to see such information as attendance history and marks/grades in the various subjects.  You can access the system using the link at the top of the school website.  You must register within the system to have access to your child's learning records.  You can also have your child access the system for you by getting them to enter their school computer user name and password just like they would at school.  Instructions are available for parents to register for HomeLogic by clicking on the Instructions Link here.

SchoolConnects Emergency Messaging system

We have sent out our last test emergency message and have confirmed that every family will receive an emergency message if needed by either phone call home, email or text messaging (if subscribed).  This system will be used as a quick and effective communication tool in case of an emergency to notify all parents as quickly as possible.  If you wish to receive a text message and have not yet subscribed, you can do so at anytime, by simply texting the word "join" to 56360.  If you have any trouble with this, please contact the school.

Staff Meetings and Assemblies

Each month, staff at Norman Carter meets on the first Kindergarten day of the month after school for a staff meeting.  We then follow that up with an assembly for all students, staff and any parents or community members who wish to join us at 8:55am or 1:00pm on the next Kindergarten day.  These assemblies usually take about 20 to 30 minutes, and gives us a chance to all get together to celebrate student achievements, share news about coming events and activities and promote positivity within our school.  Our January assembly will take place on Friday, January 6 in the gym at 1:00pm.  Please watch the monthly calendars for specific dates of our assemblies, and we hope you are able to join us!